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What Are the Side Effects of LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

Female patient under a laser eye surgery device.

Are you tired of dealing with glasses and contacts on a daily basis? If so, LASIK laser eye surgery may have caught your attention. This revolutionary procedure has helped millions achieve clear vision without needing corrective eyewear.  But before you leap to book an appointment, it’s essential to know all the facts – including potential […]

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What Are Prism Glasses?

Young boy wearing glasses outside with trees behind him.

You’ve probably heard of bifocals, multifocals, and even progressive lenses. It seems like optometrists are always creating new forms of vision support and vision therapy these days! But what if your vision problems aren’t caused by a refractive error? For example, what if you’re dealing with double vision? Prism glasses might be able to help. […]

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