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The Benefits of Omega-3 Vitamins for Eye Health

Woman smiling after hearing that she has healthy eyes from the doctor

Your lifestyle, including your nutrition, can influence your health. You’ve been told to avoid excessive sugar, drink more water, and take vitamins to preserve your overall well-being. Your eyes are also affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies.  Omega-3 is one supplement that can help support your eye health, especially if you experience dry eyes. Dry […]

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Does IPL Photofacial Tighten Skin?

Dr. Chrenek adjusting a female patient on the procedure chair before her IPL treatment.

Anti-aging treatments are growing in popularity, and many Canadians, like yourself, may be interested in purchasing products and procedures that boast flawless skin and other anti-aging benefits. However, It’s important to set realistic expectations and speak with our staff at Aurora Eye Care to determine which products or services work best for your skin. For […]

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Can Astigmatism Be Corrected After Cataract Surgery?

An ophthalmologist is pointing his finger at an eye model while explaining how cataract surgery is being done and how to correct astigmatism.

If you need to have cataracts removed, can refractive errors be corrected at the same time? While you may not link the two conditions together, cataracts and astigmatism can be addressed in the same procedure. When cataracts start limiting your ability to drive, read, shop, climb stairs, or maintain your independence, our optometrists may recommend […]

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How Long Does Vision Therapy Take?

Aurora Eye Care staff member doing vision therapy exercises with a young male patient.

Just like a physiotherapist can help you improve your body’s mobility, a vision therapist can help improve how you use your eyes. Because each person is unique, a vision therapist can create a customized treatment plan to help you improve your hand-eye coordination, reaction time, ability to track objects, and more. Each vision therapy program […]

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Do’s & Don’ts After Cataract Surgery

An elderly female preparing for cataract surgery

Cataracts can negatively impact your vision if not diagnosed and treated correctly. One of the only ways to fully provide relief for cataracts is through cataract surgery. Generally considered safe and effective, cataract surgery can be co-managed by your Aurora Eye Care optometrist.  It’s vital to understand how cataract surgery works and what you need […]

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