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We Provide Medically-Focused Dry Eye Relief

Aurora Eye Care is committed to providing medically-focused, research-based dry eye relief strategies.

Many ways exist to help alleviate dry eye symptoms, but we can recommend the right strategy when you visit us for a dry eye consultation.

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What Are Pharmaceutical Treatments?

Pharmaceutical treatments include various medications we can offer to help manage your dry eye symptoms.

These treatments come in eye drops, gels, wipes, and heat masks. Pharmaceutical treatments can also be performed safely at home, bringing convenience and comfort to your dry eye treatment.

Take a look at our treatments below, or give our team a call to book a consultation. We can help determine which treatment may be best for your eyes.

Treatments We Offer

Thealoz Duo is a preservative-free eye drop we can recommend to help manage moderate to severe dry eye cases.

These drops alleviate dry eye symptoms by using a unique combination of trehalose (a type of sugar) and hyaluronic acid, chemicals that work together to hydrate your cornea and conjunctiva.

Recent research has discovered that omega-3 fatty acids can help stimulate oil production in your meibomian glands, managing symptoms associated with evaporative dry eye.

TG Gold Omega 3’s are a medical grade supplement, which is critical to ensuring the body receives the proper dose of Omega 3.  Most Omega 3 supplements are not medical grade. While they do no harm, our bodies do not absorb enough to make them an effective treatment option.

Liposic tear gel is a clear gel that spreads over your cornea and conjunctiva, managing irritation caused by dry eye symptoms.

I-MED Treatments

The I-MED I-RELIEF mask is a heat mask that you wear over your eyes. The heat in the mask can help melt away blockages in your meibomian glands and provide relief from evaporative dry eye.

I-MED Lid n’ Lash Wipes is a product we may recommend to help clean away dirt and bacteria that may build up on your eyelid margins, causing meibomian gland dysfunction.

Cleaning your meibomian glands can help reduce the risk of eyelid issues like blepharitis, styes, and chalazion.

I-MED I-DROP PUR is a preservative-free eye drop we may recommend to help treat mild to moderate dry eye symptoms.

I-MED I-DROP PUR GEL is an eye gel we may recommend to help treat moderate to severe dry eye. This gel contains more hyaluronic acid than the I-MED I-DROP PUR eye drops, which can help stabilize the tear film in severe dry eye cases.

Learn More About Dry Eye Disease

Please visit our Dry Eye Consultations page to learn more about dry eye disease, its risk factors, and symptoms.

If you believe you’re struggling with dry eye, book an appointment at our dry eye clinic today. We’re ready to help you find the comfortable vision you deserve.

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