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Adult & Senior Eye Exams in Grande Prairie, Jasper, & Edson

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It’s no secret that Alberta offers some of the most beautiful sights our country has to offer. By being situated near our awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains, opportunities abound to witness something new and exciting.

We want to help you cherish all the sights life has to offer. By keeping up with regular eye exams, our team can help detect potential problems and provide strategies for preserving your vision.

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Eye Exams Are
Essential for
Any Age

A lot can change throughout your life, including your vision and eye health.

Regular eye exams can help monitor the changes in your eyes as you age, allowing us to address problems before they permanently affect your vision.

We recommend annual eye exams for adults and seniors, but we may suggest more frequent eye exams depending on your eyes and overall health. If it has been over a year since your last eye exam, contact us today to book an appointment!

Eye Exams Are Quick,
Comfortable, & Convenient

Your eyes are a unique and complex collection of systems that all work together to help you see. Our mission is to examine each of these systems to determine how well they function and what we can do to help you achieve clearer vision and healthier eyes.

We tailor our exam process to your needs using various technologies. Please let us know of any concerns you might have about your eyes, and we can adjust the exam to address these issues.If you already wear glasses or contacts, please bring them with you to the exam. We’ll take a look at your current lenses to ensure they’re still the right prescription for your eyes.

Understanding Your Needs

Before we begin your eye exam, we want to understand your medical and visual history, as well as your vision needs. Understanding your day-to-day routines and activities helps us provide you with unique and personalized care.

Our optometric technicians perform diagnostic testing at the beginning of your eye exam. This part of the exam gives our team a clear understanding of your eyes and what issues may be affecting them.

The next part of the eye exam has our optometrists examining your eye health and how well you see (known as visual acuity). We can prescribe corrective lenses or eye disease treatments using the information we collect during these assessments.

We may perform a neurological assessment for your visual system by testing your pupil reactions, ocular motility, and peripheral vision. This helps ensure your eyes and brain are communicating effectively so you can see clearly and comfortably.

For the final part of the exam, our optical team will happily walk you through our selection of exquisite eyeglass frames or provide you with information about using and caring for your contact lenses.

It’s Never too Late to Preserve Your Vision

Eye exams are the first step towards preserving your vision. Any vision lost to eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration is permanent, so it’s essential to manage these issues as early as possible.

Some of the most common issues adults may experience include:

Alberta Health offers financial coverage for basic annual eye exams for citizens over 65. If you’re concerned about your eye health or vision, please contact us to discuss it.

Individualized Total Eye Health Plan

Our goal is to assess your entire visual system and overall eye health. This allows us to create a plan that ensures your have comprehensive treatment and care.

We want to work with your entire healthcare team because your eyes are one part of your health. It’s important to consider your health as a whole—so we focus on you as a whole, not just in regards to your eyes.

Our Team Is Ready to Help

Eye exams are an essential part of your healthcare routine. Get help preserving your vision today by booking an appointment at Aurora Eye Care.

Our Locations

Grande Prairie

Our location is on the corner of 92nd Street and 100th Avenue, right across from Starbucks in the same plaza as Shoppers Drug Mart.

  • 101 9920 92 St.
  • Grande Prairie, AB T8X 0E7


We’re located right on the main road heading west on 4th Avenue, just past the Scotiabank on the left.

  • 5015 4th Ave.
  • Edson, AB T7E 1V2


Find us right underneath the clock on Connaught Drive, nestled in the alcove, with plenty of street parking available.

  • 622C Connaught Dr.
  • Jasper, AB T0E 1E0

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