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Vision Therapy – What It Is and How It Can Help

Vision therapy can be understood as physical therapy for the eyes and parts of the brain which control vision.  Vision therapy is not meant to replace or eliminate consideration for eyeglasses, contacts and surgery.  Rather, it is an alternative for when the aforementioned options have already been explored and a patient still requires more options to […]

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Winter is Just Around the Corner. Are Your Dry Eye Symptoms Flaring Up?

If there’s one thing that Grande Prairie is known for, it’s our long, temperate summers and short, mild winters… or is it our long, unpredictable winters and short, mild summers? It can be hard to remember sometimes. Jokes aside, we’re coming into another winter! As the temperatures drop, so too does the humidity level. If […]

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Two Ways Vision Therapy Benefits Your Child

Vision therapy can be life changing. At Aurora Eye Care, we are proud to have witnessed it’s powerful effects time and again. Growing up with difficulties reading and writing can make life extremely challenging. Vision therapy gives us a non-invasive method of helping build up your child’s visual skills and confidence. Unlike traditional vision treatments, […]

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